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Need a replacement exit sign battery?

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Words by Safety Path Support

December 1, 2022

If you need a replacement exit sign battery, then consider replacing your whole sign with a battery-free design. You’ll have more reliable exit signs, keeping your business safe and compliant, less emissions and eWaste, and reduced lifetime costs.

Batteries are generally the first point of failure in an electric-battery exit sign, and you’ve probably found that in the fine print, they’re excluded from the headline warranty cover. But there’s a National Construction Code (NCC 2019) compliant option that doesn’t require electric batteries. Once you’ve swapped, you won’t go back.

Safety Path sells photoluminescent exit signs and hybrid exit signs that both eliminate the need for electric batteries. Photoluminescent exit signs require 100 lux of the light on the face of the sign from an external light source, when installed in accordance with NCC 2019. Hybrid exit signs are co-mounted with an integrated light source, and do not require 100 lux on the face of the sign.

Both types of Safety Path exit signs will remain visible when the power is out and will ‘glow’ when the room is dark. If the space remains well lit without power, then the sign will not emit its stored light, and does not need to be ‘glowing’ from photoluminescence because the room isn’t dark.

The next time you need a replacement exit sign battery, swap to Safety Path technology to improve reliability, save money and save the planet.

Technical support

If you need technical support, please visit our Safety Hub or Contact Us. Safety Path exit signs, including hybrid exit signs with their co-mounted light source, are compliant with the National Construction Code of Australia. Australian Standard Technical Specification 5367:2021 is the relevant specification for Safety Path’s hybrid exit sign technology.

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