Regional Roads Victoria

Victoria, Australia

Department of Transport

Safety Path Purelite Linemarking - Metung Road, Metung, Australia

Photoluminescent linemarking could reduce night-time and low-light crashes along Australia’s rural and country roads and off-road paths. With road and path lighting for intersections and road sections unaffordable and impractical at most locations, photoluminescent linemarking is a more cost-effective and emission-free solution. Many local governments are actively working to reduce the use of public space lighting to protect amenity, reduce emissions and light pollution, and to avoid disrupting night-time activities of native wildlife. Safety Path photoluminescent linemarking enables Councils to avoid the negative effects and ongoing emissions and costs of electric-lighting in public spaces.

Safety Path and OmniGrip Direct have applied photoluminescent linemarking paint at demonstration sites across Victoria, with the support of the Australian and Victorian Governments. The works have been separately managed by Downer Group’s DM Roads and Fulton Hogan, on behalf of Regional Roads Victoria, part of the Victorian Department of Transport. Installation locations include Whittlesea – Kinglake Road, Kinglake – Healesville Road, Metung Road and Bendigo Creek Shared User Path.

Safety Path, part of the SmarterLite Group, is the recipient of a three-year Australian Government Road Safety Innovation Fund grant to futher the development of photoluminescent lines for road safety. Installation is available from OmniGrip Direct, or pre-form lines and pavement markings can be ordered.


  • Safety Path Photoluminescent Barrier Lines along Metung Road
  • Safety Path PureLite Banner Image
  • Borum Linemarking Machine Applying Safety Path Photoluminescent Edge Lines along Metung Road, Metung

Safety Path Linemarking is faster and cheaper to apply along very dark roads and paths, when compared to electric lighting. It assists people with finding their way when electric lighting is unavailable, and when on roads, when a vehicle’s headlights aren’t illuminating the direction of travel. Examples include very sharp curves and intersections.

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