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At Smarterlite we are driven by three core principles when we go to work every day. We continually strive to develop products and services that are Greener. Safer. Better.

Leaders in Technology

Smarterlite is a global leader in the development and application of sustainable environmental light for health, safety and emergency situations, using world-leading Smarterlite Technology. If a safety message is worth seeing in the light, then surely it is worth seeing in the dark.


We put light where there would otherwise be darkness by storing electric light and daylight for use when the power is out.  Smarterlite Technology provides both sustainable electricity-free and LED hybrid lighting solutions wherever safety and emergency lights and wayfinding are needed. This includes Safety Path exit signs, warning signs and Vivacity LED safety lighting for buildings, public spaces, paths and roads.


Smarterlite, Safety Path, Vivacity and OmniGrip Direct are parts of the Polar Enviro group of brands. Polar Enviro provides real and ready technologies that reduce carbon and benefit the climate, divert waste from landfill, reduce costs and help you achieve your ESG targets.


Smarterlite is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) and Photoluminescent Lighting Council of Australia.


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SmarterLite Technology

Why SmarterLite Technology?

We are so serious about our mission that we invented the world’s most advanced photoluminescent material that powers our safety signs. We call it Smarterlite. Developed to meet the requirements of the National Construction Code (2019) for Exit Signs – the world’s toughest standard for highly-regulated exit signs.

Based upon more than 17 years of research, SmarterLite Technology was designed and developed in Australia.

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Client Testimonials

  • “Switching to Safety Path exit signs with their built-in LED light source has enabled us to convert existing buildings to Safety Path’s battery-free technology. This increases the reliability of our exit signs, improving safety and significantly reduces our operating costs. The professionalism of the Safety Path installation team made the conversion seamless.”

    Bert Torresi, Chief Operating Officer, Giancorp Property Group

  • “Safety Path manufactures and distributes the world’s safest, most efficient and smartest exit sign.”

    Nicholas Lianos, CEO Grosvenor Engineering Group

  • “We found the Safety Path traffic management system product of excellent quality and great durability in our harsh, high traffic, truck and forklift environments. Appreciation also goes out for your supply of required photoluminescent safety signage that further enhances VISY’s already high safety standards.”

    Carlo Bigaran, General Manager Victoria, VISY Pulp & Paper

  • “I understand that your products do not consume electricity because they store energy from ambient light. I was pleased that their potential to substantially reduce greenhouse emissions was recognised by you receiving the PACIA Sustainability Award for Plastics.”

    Tim Holding MP, Minister for Manufacturing & Export

  • “We found that as well as the fact that Safety Path System was accepted by the building surveyor, it has also performed true to its form for both public access and public egress to the point that after 2 years of service we have had no additional maintenance requirements. Furthermore, after having some quarter of a million people through the theatre we have had no trips and falls recorded; meanwhile we have also saved running costs by having no direct step electric lighting energy expenses.”

    Frank Stoffels, Operations Manager, CUB Malthouse Theatre

  • “This scenario, where electrical battery back up battery power runs out and there is no other visible guidance available is of grave concern to us. Our experience is one that could strike others with more serious consequences. This is the reason why we have now asked you to install the photo luminescent egress solution throughout our building. It will give us an additional safety factor of a visible way of safely finding access on our stairwells.”

    Reg Cooke, Facility Manager, TM Facilities Management

  • “The stairs are highly visible in total darkness. It incorporated anti slip which made the installation cost effective. The quality of the finished product was excellent. Technical support and follow up was very professional.”

    Allan Coppins, Snowy Hydro

  • “CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s are often not aware of just how big their fleet of electric exit signs really is…”

    Gus Carfi, Executive Chairman, SmarterLite Group