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Chevron Alignment Marker (CAM)

Improve road safety by enabling vital safety messages to be seen into the night.

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Improve road safety by enabling vital safety messages to be seen into the night.

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Safety Path road signs absorb daylight and light from the headlights of passing vehicles, emitting that stored light to increase the visibility of the message into the night. Suitable for public roads, private roads, car parks, bike paths and shared user paths, Safety Path road signs have standard road symbols and messages combined with retroreflective and photoluminescent layers. This ensures that they emit their own light in the dark and also reflect vehicle headlights when directly illuminated.


Safety Path road signs are suitable for sharp bends, dips and crests, where the direction of travel is not directly illuminated by a vehicle’s headlights. They should be used on dark high risk roads without lighting or ambient light from adjoining land uses. Using Safety Path road signs enables night-time road safety to be improved without the major capital cost of electric road lighting, or its operating costs and emissions.



“Wafer” material for road signs is flexible photoluminescent wafer, without aluminium backing, brackets or retroreflective coating, for use in special applications.

“Aluminium” material is a conventional road sign.

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Safety Path PL Signs ensure vital safety messages can be seen when the power fails or the lights go out. Whether it be seconds, minutes or hours before back up power starts or mains electricity is restored, Safety Path PL Signs will ensure that in that critical period vital safety messages and information can still be seen. • Environmentally Safe & Stable • Zero Carbon Footprint • No Power Required • No Light Globes or Electrical Components • No Batteries • Non Toxic • Environmentally Safe & Stable

Safety Path PL Signs are compliant with the photoluminescent clause in AS1319 when used in an occupational environment.

Safety Path PL Signs and Smarterlite Technology uses photoluminescence, which is derived from the pigments within rare earths. The pigments are non-toxic, non radioactive and environmentally stable.
  • PL Safety, Warning & Hazard Signs Brochure


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    Improve road safety by enabling vital safety messages to be seen into the night.



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