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Chevron Alignment Marker (CAM)

Improve road safety by enabling vital safety messages to be seen into the night.

Improve road safety by enabling vital safety messages to be seen into the night.

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Safety Path road signs absorb daylight and light from the headlights of passing vehicles, emitting that stored light to increase the visibility of the message into the night. Suitable for public roads, private roads, car parks, bike paths and shared user paths, Safety Path road signs have standard road symbols and messages combined with retroreflective and photoluminescent layers. This ensures that they emit their own light in the dark and also reflect vehicle headlights when directly illuminated.


Safety Path road signs are suitable for sharp bends, dips and crests, where the direction of travel is not directly illuminated by a vehicle’s headlights. They should be used on dark high risk roads without lighting or ambient light from adjoining land uses. Using Safety Path road signs enables night-time road safety to be improved without the major capital cost of electric road lighting, or its operating costs and emissions.



“Wafer” material for road signs is flexible photoluminescent wafer, without aluminium backing, brackets or retroreflective coating, for use in special applications.

“Aluminium” material is a conventional road sign.

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Safety Path provides a highly visible, no maintenance exit sign product that complies with all applicable regulatory codes and standards. • Environmentally Safe & Stable • Compliant with Building Code of Australia NCC 2019 • Compliant with Australian Standard AS2293.1 (relevant PL clauses) • Compliant with AS/NZS 3000 relating to Wiring Rules for Electrical I• nstallations (cl allowing ‘repairs to existing installations or parts thereof with methods, fixtures & fittings currently available as direct replacement’ • Zero Carbon Footprint (PL only version) • No Power Required (PL only version) • No Light Globes or Electrical Components (PL only version) • No Batteries • No Need for Replacement of Exit Signs when they Stop Working – • Full Sustainability • No Landfill Required for Spent Globes, Failed Batteries and Units • No Requirement for 90 minute 6 Monthly Electrical Audits (ours is a simple inspection) • Non Toxic • Environmentally Safe & Stable • 12 Year Warranty (PL material & casings/mountings), 7 Years for • LED strip + Power supply • 30+ Year Expected Lifecycle - Accelerated Age Tested (PL material), 10 years for LED components

YES. Below are the relevant clauses under NCC 2019.

Further, AS/NZS 3000:2018 clause allows for ‘repairs to existing electrical installations or parts thereof may be affected using methods, fixtures and fittings that were acceptable when that part of the electrical installation was originally installed or with methods, fixtures and fittings currently available as direct replacement, provided that the methods satisfy the fundamental safety principles of part 1 of this standard.’

Where relevant, the maintenance records need to be updated in accordance with the particular regulations in each State.

NO. PL properties are derived from the pigments within rare earths, which are non-toxic, non radioactive and environmentally stable.

Safety Path provides a 12-year warranty on each sign. The reality is that our PL exit signs will last well over the warranty period with independent 30 year accelerated testing performance to back this up. Electrical exit signs (old technology) have a life span of between 4 & 7 years making for a more costly lifecycle burden.

The Building Code of Australia states that all exit signs must be clearly visible at all times when the building is occupied by any person having the right of legal entry. PL exit signs are to be maintained in a continuously charged state by minimum illumination of 100 lux at the face of the sign, utilizing the existing building lighting which qualifies as the dedicated light source.

Where the existing building lighting, as the dedicated light source, does not achieve 100 lux illumination at the face of the sign then Safety Path shall provide a solution by supplying a PL exit sign with a built in LED light panel to provide the minimum illumination requirement.

The replacement of electrical exit signs (ie old technology) with PL exit signs is a very cost-effective solution which provides significant savings throughout the entire life of the product. Safety Path can either supply the PL exit signs for the customer to replace the old electrical exit signs by a qualified electrician over any time period. This allows the customer the convenience of replacing the old electrical exit signs as they fail over time.

An installation of electrical exit signs (ie old technology) requires upfront cost of the signs, wiring, cabling, data & appropriately qualified & costly electricians. Multi-story buildings add more complexity, time and cost. Ongoing costly maintenance & compliance of such old technology is required every 6 months which compounds over the life of the product making Safety Path PL exit signs superior.

Safety Path provides a cost-effective solution without the time constraints of an electrical installation. It is a “set and forget” approach that provides significant savings for the life of the product. These specific savings can be explored further via our “Lifecycle Analysis” document.

The Building Code of Australia requires only the door that leads to a street, open space or internal safe exit point (prescribed in a fire engineered solution) to be provided with an exit sign from within the exit stairway.

In cases where a stairwell has no natural light, Safety Path can install an exit sign with a micro LED strip that is wired directly to the emergency lighting in the stairwell (required by law). This will "charge" the exit sign and give full PL visibility in the absence of any natural light. Hence, no need for batteries and also, no need for battery testing.

Compared to old technology, our PL exit signs are much cheaper to maintain. The maintenance requirements for PL exit signs is very simple. Instead of a comprehensive and time-consuming electrical test every 6 months by a qualified electrician, our signs only require a simple inspection to ensure the sign is in place, legible and not obstructed.

At intervals of 3 years, a simple lux test is required to ensure the sign receives the minimum illumination. The simple maintenance inspection may be undertaken by any competent person and therefore a qualified electrician is not required. This is a significant cost saving that lasts for the entire life cycle of our PL exit signs. This makes our technology superior and makes life simple for our customers.

YES. Safety Path provides a total environmental solution which includes recycling of the old electrical signs & avoiding any need for landfill.

YES. Safety Path provides all necessary documentation and drawings to ensure installations are completed by qualified personnel.

There is no need to monitor the PL only Exit Sign.

Where a Safety Path PL/LED Hybrid unit is installed the monitoring system used will determine its compatibility. This issue is also common between different electrical exit sign proprietary brands.

Safety Path can work with your control system engineer to find a solution.
  • PL Safety, Warning & Hazard Signs Brochure


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    Improve road safety by enabling vital safety messages to be seen into the night.



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