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Theia © Blade Exit Sign

Environmental blade exit sign using Smarterlite Technology. A sleek modern design ideal for corporate and retail environments where style is important.

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Environmental blade exit sign using Smarterlite Technology. A sleek modern design ideal for corporate and retail environments where style is important.

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The Safety Path Theia Blade Exit Sign is a modern blade exit sign. It replaces failure-prone electric-batteries with environmental Smarterlite Technology so that the Theia Exit Sign reliably works whenever the power goes out.


The Safety Path Theia has a fixed pictorial that is selected at the time of ordering.


When installed with 100 lux of light on the face of the sign, as required by the National Construction Code (2019), you achieve:

  • no electricity consumption by the Exit Sign
  • no emissions from the Exit Sign
  • no eWaste because there’s no electrical components or old-style electric-battery in the Thiea Exit Sign
  • reliability – we’ve used Smarterlite Technology to eliminate all the electrical points of failure
  • reduced maintenance costs from reduced Exit Sign failures
  • safer people in your buildings from using more reliable technology.


Theia is also available as a Hybrid LED Exit Sign, with integrated LED, so that it can be used where 100 lux cannot be provided on the face of the sign by another light source.


We’re so confident in our technology that we provide a 12-year warranty on the Theia Blade Exit Sign (7-years for the Hybrid LED version).


The Theia is ideal for commercial and office environments, where you need a modern looking, energy saving, reliable Exit Sign.

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Yes. The use of photoluminescent exit signs in place of electric exit signs is permitted by Part E4.8 and Specification E4.8 of the Building Code of Australia. The Building Code of Australia is part of the National Construction Code.

Safety Path photoluminescent exit signs release 52 millicandelas per square metre (mcd/m2) at 90 minutes, exceeding the minimum luminance requirement of the Building Code of Australia.

The Building Code of Australia requires a photoluminescent exit sign to provide a minimum luminance of 30 mcd/m2 for not less than 90 minutes.

Safety Path provides a 12-year warranty on the photoluminescent materials and casing. Independent accelerated age testing gives an expected life of more than 30 years.

No. Photoluminescent exit signs are non-toxic, non-radioactive and environmentally stable. No glow-worms are harmed in their production. Seriously.

Photoluminescent exit signs are used by major corporates and public institutions that are reducing their environmental impact and their annual operating costs. A good example is national hardware and electrical retailer, Bunnings, which has been retrofitting photoluminescent signs across its national portfolio.

The USA, Canada, European Union, England, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Asian nations have regulations permitting the use of photoluminescent exit signs as an alternative to traditional electric exit signs in commercial buildings. They can be found in many buildings including multi-story commercial buildings, entertainment venues and international airports.

Australia’s performance requirements for photoluminescent exit signs are significantly higher than in other countries. Safety Path’s photoluminescent exit signs exceed Australia’s tough requirements. The USA requires more than 5 mcd/m2 for 90 minutes after an input of 10.8 lux for one hour.

The European Union requires more than 2.8 mcd/m2 for 60 minutes after an input of 1,000 lux for five minutes.

Photoluminescent exit signs don’t consume electricity in operation, and as a consequence, have no emissions. There are no batteries, no globes and no electric circuits to break down or to be disposed of. With an expected life of more than 30 years, each sign could last four times longer than an electric equivalent. *

*Based upon an assumed seven-year life for a standard electric exit signs that has a globe, batteries and wiring.

Photoluminescent exit signs have no emissions, and with no electric or battery components that can fail, they have a long life.

In comparison, just one electric exit sign powered by coal-fired electricity will emit around 120 kilograms of CO2e every year of its short life. With parts that can fail, such as globes and batteries, the electric exit sign will then be ‘disposed of’ and replaced with a new unit.

Most commercial buildings have at least four electric exit signs on each floor. Retail warehouse stores can have around 40 electric exit signs across their site. That means that electric exit signs, on their own, are producing the equivalent of 480 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (CO2e) per floor in a commercial building, to 4.8 tonnes of CO2e in a warehouse sized building, each year.

Call Safety Path for a quote for a photoluminescent exit sign when you want to reduce your impact on global climate change.

The Building Code of Australia’s Specification E4.8 includes a requirement that photoluminescent exit signs are maintained in a continuously charged state by a minimum illumination of 100 lux at the face of the sign.

If the use of a sensor light means that this requirement cannot be met then the Safety Path LED / PL hybrid exit sign design is the right solution. Within the LED / PL hybrid exit sign, a low-power LED illuminates the sign. Should there be a power failure, the photoluminescent component of the exit sign will emit its own light. There’s no need for a connection to an emergency power supply or battery, so this sign has a lower installation cost and lower ongoing environmental impact than a standard electric exit sign.

The power consumption of our LED / PL hybrids ranges from 1.4W to 5.9W. Example applications of our LED / PL hybrid exit sign are in low-light environments such as store rooms, service tunnels and buildings that have sensor lights in infrequently or inconsistently used areas.

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