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Safety Path Exit Sign in Bunnings Warehouse Store

National hardware retailer Bunnings specifies Safety Path Environmental Exit Signs in its new stores to reduce emissions, reduce eWaste, increase reliability and improve safety. The result of this initiative is that tens of millions of visitors to its warehouse stores are kept safe by reliable Safety Path exit signs every year.

With Bunnings’ new stores being designed for Safety Path exit signs, Bunnings enjoys saving in its construction costs, its operating and compliance costs and ongoing operations. There’s less wiring in large new stores, simpler construction, lower compliance costs and no eWaste to be disposed of every few years, compared to old style electric-battery exit signs.

Bunnings and the environment save with reduced emissions and reduced eWaste, and customers and employees are safer. Safety Path exit signs can be purchased directly from www.safetypath.com.


Safety Path provides sustainable photoluminescent and LED hybrid lighting solutions wherever safety & emergency lights and wayfinding are needed.This includes photoluminescent exit signs, warning signs, line marking and pavement markings. Our photoluminescent light boxes can be used to display custom plans and signs.

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