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Speed Feedback Signs for Roadworker Safety

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Words by Safety Path Support

April 20, 2023

Roadworks are a common and necessary occurrence on our roads, as they help to maintain and improve the road infrastructure and safety. However, roadworks also pose a significant risk to both road workers and road users, as they create temporary changes in the road environment, such as lane closures, diversions, reduced visibility, and reduced speed limits. Speeding is a factor in roadwork crashes, as it increases the likelihood and severity of crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

One of the ways to reduce speed at roadworks sites is to use speed feedback signs, which are traffic control devices that display the speed of passing vehicles or a message to drivers who exceed a certain speed limit. They are designed to slow drivers by alerting them of their speed and encouraging them to change their behavior.

Speed feedback signs have been shown to be effective in reducing vehicle speeds for short-term purposes (Main Roads WA, 2023) and improving safety at roadworks sites in various settings, such as highways, urban roads, bridges, and tunnels. Main Roads WA, the road authority for Western Australia, has mandated their use at some types of roadworks site.

It is important to monitor and evaluate the performance of speed feedback signs regularly and adjust them accordingly to maintain their effectiveness at roadworks sites. Some possible ways to do this are to collect and analyze data on vehicle speeds, traffic volumes and crash rates, and to vary the messages and symbols displayed to drivers to determine what is more effective. To assist with this, the Vivacity LED Speed Check signs can store up to 200,000 records, anonymously, for downloading and analysis.

Speed feedback signs are a valuable tool for reducing speed and improving road safety at roadworks sites. The Vivacity LED Speed Check Sign can be mounted on a pole on the roadside, or attached to a trailer or back of a vehicle. They provide drivers with immediate and personalised feedback on their speed behavior and motivate them to comply with the speed limit. The Vivacity LED Speed Check Sign will also collect data enabling you to tailor your safety strategy to the requirements of your roadworks site to ensure that it remains effective.

If you are interested in the Vivacity LED Speed Check Sign then contact us for more information.

Vivacity LED Speed Check Sign at pedestrian crossing in Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne Australia

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