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Safety in sports facilities and stadiums

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Words by Safety Path Support

March 10, 2023

Sports stadiums, event facilities and sporting clubs need to reduce the risk of injuries and falls in normal operation and emergency events. That’s where world-class Safety Path signs and stair treads enable facility managers to safely guide patrons and members, reducing their risk of trips and falls and easily finding their way to and from their seats.

With venues often having low-light levels during events, passive photoluminescent lighting is vital for safety and convenience. And if there’s a failure or delay with emergency electric-lighting, battery-free photoluminescent stair treads, lines and signs will guide patrons and members so they safely exit the venue.

Safety Path provides:

  • battery-free exit signs, with and without LED lighting, to clearly and reliably show the way to exits
  • a wide range of information and safety signs that will assist people when light levels are low, and in emergencies
  • stair treads that will reduce the risk of slips and falls in tiered seating and stairwells
  • linemarking and coatings that can be seen in the dark, guiding people to exits and around potential hazards and obstacles in egress routes
  • tapes and strips for handrails
  • seat and row numbering.

Safety Path Exit Signs are already protecting millions of patron, member and staff visitiations to iconic sports facilities such as Allianz Stadium, IKON Park and Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club.

Apollo Heavy Duty Jumbo 40m Exit Sign over Allianz Stadium race
Allianz Stadium race with Safety Path Apollo Heavy Duty Jumbo 40m Exit Sign
Allianz Stadium race with Safety Path Apollo Heavy Duty Jumbo 40m Exit Sign
IKON Park’s AFLW locker rooms use Safety Path Hybrid Exit Signs
Safety Path Hybrid LED Exit Sign in Royal Yarra Lawn Tennis Club carpark
Royal Yarra Lawn Tennis Club uses Safety Path Hybrid LED Exit Signs

Safety Path’s photoluminescent lines, signs and stair-treads absorb light from venue lighting and day-light, and automatically emit the stored light when the space darkens. If lighting levels increase during the event, such as in breaks and intermissions, the photoluminescent lines and signs are automatically recharged.

For stadiums, event facilities, clubs and venues, Safety Path is a vital component of your safety planning, with the benefit of being a low-emission technology, durable and low maintenance. Our OmniGrip Direct brand also provides slip-resistant surfacing for ramps, stairs and concourses and has extensive experience with stadium and public space projects using natural aggregates and coloured recycled glass over concrete, asphalt and steel substrates.

With many sporting venues needing scheduled maintenance or upgrades, or updating for use in the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games as a training venue or competition venue, Safety Path provides a fast, reliable, low-carbon solution to improve safety and reduce risk.

Contact us for more information about transforming low-light and emergency egress safety in your venue.

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