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Do all Photoluminescent Exit Signs need 100 lux?

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Words by Safety Path Support

November 25, 2022

Photoluminescent exit signs with an integrated light source, known as hybrid exit signs, don’t need 100 lux on the face of the sign.

The fallacy that all photoluminescent exit signs need 100 lux on the face of the sign comes about from the requirements of Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC). However NCC (2019) was written before the development of hybrid exit signs that co-mount a light source into a photoluminescent exit sign.

For hybrid exit signs Standards Australia’s Technical Specification 5367:2021 has a minimum luminance of 20 cd/m2 for the photoluminescent material under normal power conditions, which corresponds to external lighting in accordance with the NCC. Clause 2.2.6 of TS5367:2021 explains that “the 20cd/m2 minimum luminance for the photoluminescent material corresponds with the expected minimum luminance of a (non-hybrid) photoluminescent sign that is externally charged by a light source in accordance with Specification 25 of NCC 2022.”

Consequently, any photoluminescent exit sign with co-mounted light source, known as a hybrid exit sign, that meets the luminance requirements of Standards Australia’s TS5367:2021 does not need 100 lux on the face of the sign.

Hybrid Exit Sign with integrated LED light source
Components of a Hybrid Exit Sign with integrated LED light source

Safety Path has photoluminescent exit signs and hybrid exit signs that comply with the requirements of the National Construction Code and Standards Australia’s Technical Specification 5367:2021 respectively. Safety Path’s hybrid exit signs are the industry leaders in minimal power-consumption, and are available in a range of sizes for use in workplaces such as offices, factories, schools, shopping centres, hospitals, warehouses, data centres, mining camps and chemical plants.

Safety Path also provides photoluminescent workplace safety signs, compliant with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1319-1994 and photoluminescent linemarking and coatings for safety when the power fails in a blackout or brownout.

If you need technical support, please visit our Safety Hub or Contact Us.

Note: NCC (2019) Specification E4.8 has been re-issued as NCC (2022) Specification 22.

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