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Three best exit signs

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Words by Safety Path Support

March 9, 2022

It can be confusing when choosing the right exit signs. Lets make it really simple by considering the three best exit signs to solve typical problems faced by electricians, fire protection engineers, facility managers and property managers.

1. Replace an existing exit sign

The easiest replacement for an existing failed electric battery exit sign is a hybrid LED exit sign. Using just over a watt of electricity, a hybrid exit sign will reduce your electricity consumption and emissions. With backup light provided by Smarterlite Technology, there’s no electric battery to fail and no eWaste to dispose of, which increases reliability and lowers operating costs compared to old style electric-battery exit sign technology.

A qualified electrician can directly replace a failed electric-battery exit sign with a hybrid exit sign.

2. Lowest cost to install & operate

The lowest cost to install and operate is often a simple environmental photoluminescent exit sign. They have no electrical components, no batteries, no emissions and no eWaste. But with the power of photoluminescence in Smarterlite Technology, they absorb energy from light and emit that stored light when it becomes dark, such as during a power-failure or at night.

Installation is simple and must be in accordance with the National Construction Code’s Specification E4.8, including that the face of the sign be illuminated by 100lux of light. In new construction there are significant additional savings from using this technology, by reducing the wiring required for exit signs by converting to this “wireless” technology. New Bunnings warehouses are designed for Safety Path’s exit sign technology.

3. Hardest wearing exit sign – waterproof & dustproof

The hardest wearing exit sign is a photoluminescent panel exit sign, ideal for warehouses and tough commercial environments. Being dustproof and moisture resistant and not sensitive to temperature, they work reliably in most hot and cold environments, dusty workplaces and where there’s damp and high moisture levels. By using this technology, there’s no need for plastic boxes around old style exit signs.

Custom sizes can be manufactured to order – contact us for a quotation.

Environmental exit signs must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the National Construction Code (2019).

Choosing the right exit sign does not need to be confusing. New technology like the Smarterlite Technology in Safety Path exit signs is replacing old-style failure-prone electric-battery technology. Make the change now.

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