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Words by Safety Path Support

November 8, 2021

December 5, 2019

SmarterLite and its brands Safety Path, Vivacity and OmniGrip Direct publish a newsletter to help industry keep abreast of industry news, innovations and case studies.

Dave Jones, Director External Affairs, explained. “SmarterLite and its divisions are revolutionising the road safety, building safety and energy efficiency sectors. With SmarterLite Group bringing together the innovations of the individual brands we’ve developed solutions that deliver improved safety, reduced energy consumption and lower life-cycle costs.”

“Our newsletter enables people interested in innovative products and industry news to quickly appraise what’s happening and identify how they could benefit too. We’re all busy and its hard remembering to visit websites to find out what’s happening, so by signing up we’re ensuring you’ll be notified when there’s genuine news and developments.”

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