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Reduce workplace injury with better visibility

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Words by Safety Path Support

November 21, 2022

Safety Path’s workplace signs provide businesses with a means to further reduce workplace injuries in unplanned darkness and evening periods. Did you know that, according to Safe Work Australia, there were more than 27,000 serious claims for falls, trips & slips in 2019-20, and more than 8,700 serious claims for hitting an object with a part of the body in the same period? Reduce workplace injury risks for your team.

How many serious claims could have been prevented with enhanced visibility warning signs in periods of unplanned reduced visibility, such as blackouts, brownouts or a backup generator failing to start when it should?

Safety Path’s workplace warning and danger signs are photoluminescent, enabling them to be seen when the power and lights suddenly go out, in periods of reduced or low light, or through the evening into the night as a workplace or public space gradually darkens. They reduce injury by having enhanced visibility when old-style workpalce signs can no longer be seen.

Australian Standard 1319 – 1994 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment is the Australian Standard for workplace safety signs. Self luminous materials are permitted by Clause 3.5.3 of AS 1319 – 1994.

Safety Path’s photoluminescent signs ensure that staff and visitors:

  • remain aware of hazards from being able to see danger, warning and hazard signs in low light and the dark
  • can locate vital emergency and safety equipment, such as eye wash stations and deluge showers
  • can find there way to a safe exit or refuge location.

Safety Path has an extended range of photoluminescent signs, in the following AS1319 – 1994 categories:

  • Regulatory – prohibition
  • Regulatory – mandatory
  • Regulatory – restriction
  • Hazard warning
  • Hazard danger
  • Emergency information
  • Fire signs.

Signs can be reflectorized in addition to being photoluminescent. They are available in aluminium backing, or a flexible wafer for use in high-risk or temporary industrial applications where metallic signs cannot be used. Custom signs can be produced for your workplace*.

In addition to photoluminescent workplace signs, Safety Path also supplies photoluminescent coatings and linemarking, photoluminescent exit signs and battery-free hybrid LED exit signs, providing a comprehensive workplace emergency wayfinding centre for your emergency safety needs. Safety Path technology will reliably guide your team to safety when the lights are out.

Safety Path is part of the SmarterLite Group of companies.

*MOA – minimum order quantities may apply – please contact us for a quotation and specify whether you can supply the art work and the format that it is in.

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