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Officeworks reduces emissions & improves safety with new exit signs

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November 8, 2021

December 15, 2020

Officeworks Safety Path Exit Sign

Leading Australian office supply retailer Officeworks has converted its first store from electric-battery exit signs to battery-free Safety Path exit signs, to reduce emissions, reduce costs, and increase reliability and safety.

Officeworks is part of the Wesfarmers group, as is major hardware retailer Bunnings which has installed Safety Path exit signs across more than 60 of its stores.

Safety Path Exit Signs don’t have failure-prone batteries like those in old electric exit signs. Safety Path Exit Signs incorporate SmarterLite technology that absorbs room light when the power is on. But should the power fail, SmarterLite will reliably emit the stored light for many more hours, enabling people to safely exit the building.

Officeworks with Safety Path Exit Signs

The Officeworks conversion involved removing every old electric-battery exit sign and replacing them with battery-free Safety Path exit signs.

By using exit signs without an electric battery, Officeworks improves safety for customers and employees, reduces eWaste, and reduces the risk of non-compliance when compared to electric-battery LED exit signs.

For busy retail operations like Officeworks, converting to Safety Path exit signs also reduces the frequency of disruptions to retail sales and back-of-house operations when electrical contractors undertake repairs to failed exit signs.

Safety Path Exit Sign in Officeworks

Old electric exit signs may only last 3-5 years, whereas the warranty on a Safety Path Environmental Exit Sign is 12 years and expected life 30 years.

Officeworks joins more than 60 Bunnings stores across Australia, clients of Grosvenor Engineering GroupNewmark Capital’s Como Centre in South Yarra, CBRE’s Milton House in Melbourne and other shopping centres, industrial plants and office buildings protecting their occupants with Safety Path Exit Signs using SmarterLite technology.

For more information visit Safety Path’s online store or see Safety Path Exit Signs on YouTube or LinkedIn.

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