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Flood proof exit signs & workplace safety signs

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Words by Safety Path Support

November 22, 2022

With heavy rain and terrible flooding across many parts of Australia in 2022, businesses need to quickly rebuild. This is an optimum time to improve resilience, reduce eWaste and improve sustainability to reduce the impact of future floods using floodproof exit signs and safety signs.

Safety Path workplace safety signs are printed on aluminium sheet, and Safety Path exit signs are printed on aluminium attached to a waterproof and dust proof board (pictured). They have no electric or battery components that can be damaged when inundated in a flood. They use the natural science of photoluminescence so that they are visible in low light and dark conditions, in accordance with Australian Standard 1319 – 1994 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment, and the National Construction Code which incorporates the Building Code of Australia.

When flood waters recede, Safety Path’s aluminium signs will need no more than a wipe over to remove any mud or grime. They’ll start working once exposed to daylight or interior lights*. That’s one less issue to be worried about.

In comparison, old-technology electric-battery exit signs will need to be totally replaced by an electrician, and disposed of as eWaste.

Building designers, architects, developers, facility managers and business owners should use post-flood recovery as an opportunity to convert their facilities to more reliable and cost effective flood proof safety sign technology – Safety Path exit signs and workplace safety signs – to improve resilience and reduce the impact of future floods. At the same time they’re be improving safety, reducing maintenance costs, reducing emissions and reducing eWaste.

Safety Path’s electricity and battery-free exit signs and workplace safety signs include flood proof signs that won’t be affected by inundation. They’ll be one less essential that needs to be fixed or replaced should the business ever be flooded again.

* Immediately following flooding, photoluminescent exit signs will absorb natural light where available, and emit that stored light when the power fails. Full compliance, including luminance and its duration as required by the National Construction Code, may not be achieved until regular powered lighting is restored that will fully charge the photoluminescent sign as required by the Code. However, there performance will still exceed that of standard old-technology electric-battery exit signs, which will not work at all following submersion during flooding.

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