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How to find the right size of LED Exit Sign

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Words by Safety Path Support

December 6, 2021

When it’s time to replace yet another failed electric-battery exit sign in your premises, how do you find the right size of LED exit sign when ordering?

The size of most exit signs is written on their front, with the most common being 24M.

Red circle showing where to find size of replacement exit sign
How to select right size of replacement exit sign

The size is the maximum viewing distance, so a 24M sign is visible at up to 24 metres. Other common sizes you may encounter include 16M and 32M signs, viewable at up to 16 metres and 32 metres respectively.

When ordering a replacement sign you should order the same size sign, as long as nothing with the design of your building has altered its floor plan. If that’s the case, a larger size sign may be required, or it’s position may need to be changed, you should obtain professional advice.

Your licensed electrician should install the sign and update the Essential Service Records for the building if it is required by legislation in your State or Territory.

We recommend replacing each electric-battery exit sign with a Safety Path Hybrid LED Exit Sign

Safety Path Hyperion Hybrid LED Exit Sign
Safety Path Hyperion Hybrid LED Exit Sign – size 24M is in bottom left corner

Our hybrid LED exit signs are illuminated by high performing lower powered LED light when the power is on.

In the event of a power failure our Safety Path Hybrid LED Exit Signs use Smarterlite Technology to remain illuminated, allowing safe egress from the premises.

Besides having higher reliability and a low wattage design, we also stand by the resilience of our product backing it with a full 7 year warranty giving you peace of mind and keeping more money in your pocket.

Make your workplace safer. Check out our range of Safety Path LED Exit Signs.

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