Officeworks converted one of its suburban stores to battery-free Exit Sign technology. The conversion involved removing every old electric-battery exit sign and replacing them with battery-free Safety Path exit signs.

By using exit signs without an electric battery, Officeworks improved safety for its customers and employees, reduced eWaste, and reduced the risk of non-compliance when compared to old style AS2293 electric-battery exit signs.

For busy retail operations like Officeworks, converting to Safety Path exit signs also reduces the frequency of disruptions to its retail sales and back-of-house operations, when electrical contractors undertake repairs to failed exit signs.


  • Safety Path Environmental Exit Sign in Officeworks

Safety Path provides sustainable photoluminescent and LED hybrid lighting solutions wherever safety & emergency lights and wayfinding are needed.This includes photoluminescent exit signs, warning signs, line marking and pavement markings. Our photoluminescent light boxes can be used to display custom plans and signs.

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