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Melbourne Business School Hybrid Exit Sign by Safety Path

Melbourne Business School, part of the University of Melbourne, has converted its exit signs from old style electric-battery signs to Safety Path's Hyperion Hybrid Exit Signs. In 2021, Melbourne Business School was Australia's top ranked business school and one of the world's leading 30 business schools.

Old style electric-battery exit signs were removed from student and staff areas of Melbourne Business School's Carlton campus, and replaced with Safety Path Hybrid Exit Signs.

Without failure-prone electric-batteries, the Safety Path Hyperion Exit Sign is more reliable and energy efficient than competing electric-battery exit signs. This will deliver Melbourne Business School increased safety, reduced costs and reduced eWaste.


  • Melbourne Business School Hybrid Exit Sign by Safety Path
  • Safety Path Hybrid Exit Sign in corridor of Melbourne Business School
  • Safety Path Hybrid Exit Sign in stairwell of Melbourne Business School

“I was conscious of how much time and effort was being spent replacing failed exit signs. It wasn’t commercially viable to keep replacing failed battery exit signs with the same technology, so I began searching for a better way. I needed a fully-compliant safety technology with reduced failure rates and lower maintenance costs. Finding a more sustainable technology that eliminated a major source of eWaste and reduced our emissions made this a simple solution to a maintenance headache.”

Nazzareno Marchionda, Melbourne Business School

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