Harvey Norman

Melbourne and Sydney

Harvey Norman Homemaker Centres

Australian retailer and property giant Harvey Norman has retrofitted existing stores and homemaker centres with Safety Path exit sign technology.

Harvey Norman has spent years in the endless cycle of replacing failed electric-battery exit signs across its portfolio. Every sign then became eWaste. There’s also been the ongoing fees with installing and operating expensive monitoring systems to report the failed electric-battery exit signs.

Recognising the costly problem, Harvey Norman made the shift to Safety Path’s exit sign technology in major homemaker centres in both Sydney and Melbourne. It has chosen to use Safety Path's Hybrid LED Exit Signs, enabling its electrical contractors to directly swap from old electric-battery technology to Safety Path's battery-free energy-efficient solution.


  • Safety Path Exit Sign in Retail Shopping Centre

Safety Path provides sustainable photoluminescent and LED hybrid lighting solutions wherever safety & emergency lights and wayfinding are needed.This includes photoluminescent exit signs, warning signs, line marking and pavement markings. Our photoluminescent light boxes can be used to display custom plans and signs.

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