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What does 24m mean on an exit sign?

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Words by Safety Path Support

December 1, 2022

Exit Signs are labelled with a number followed by the letter ‘m’. Typically this will be 24m, but sometimes16m and more often 32m will also be found in buildings. In very large and/or open buildings, such as warehouses, much higher numbers are found on larger (‘Jumbo’) signs. An example is 40m signs.

What does 24m mean on an exit sign?

24m is the maximum viewing distance for the size of the sign. A 24m sign has a maximum viewing distance of 24 metres and similarly, 32m signs have a maximum viewing distance of 32 metres. The size of the pictorial in the sign will vary according to the sign technology, for the same viewing distance, to ensure each has the required visibility at the same distance in emergency conditions.

How do I order a replacement exit sign?

When ordering replacement signs, simply match the size. Safety Path signs are available in the common and jumbo (large) sizes. If you are replacing a 24m (or 24M) sign then simply pick 24m from the size options for that model of sign.

Technical support

If you need technical support, please visit our Safety Hub or Contact Us. Safety Path exit signs, including hybrid exit signs with their co-mounted light source, are compliant with the National Construction Code of Australia. Australian Standard Technical Specification 5367:2021 is the relevant specification for Safety Path’s hybrid exit sign technology.

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