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Standards Australia TS 5367:2021 Hybrid Exit Sign requirements

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March 1, 2022

Standards Australia has released TS 5367:2021 Photoluminescent exit signage – Hybrid photoluminescent signage – Product specification, installation and operation. The release of this important Standards Australia specification gives confidence to lighting designers, building owners and fire safety engineers that hybrid exit signs are a proven and compliant technology.

The landmark Standards Australia specification was prepared by Committee LG-011, which includes the Australian Building Codes Board, Fire Protection Association Australia, the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council, Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council, University of New South Wales and Photoluminescent Lighting Council, amongst others.

What is a Hybrid Exit Sign?

A hybrid exit sign is a photoluminescent exit sign that is charged with an integrated light source. Unlike photoluminescent exit signs, hybrid exit signs can be used in areas with low ambient light levels, such as theatres, lecture threatres, service corridors, plant rooms and restaurants. Hybrid exit signs are also used by facility managers wanting to convert their existing exit sign fleet to hybrid signs, whilst still having the appearance of internally illuminated exit signs.

Cover of SA TS 5367:2021
Standards Australia TS 5367:2021

What’s in Standards Australia TS 5367:2021 for Hybrid Exit Signs?

ITS5367:2021 specifies design and performance requirements for hybrid exit signs, in which electric-batteries are replaced with photoluminescent materials. It is distinct from AS/NZS 2293 which relates to electric-battery exit signs.

The Technical Specification includes the design of the signs, how they should be installed and their maintenance.

Appendix B, Introduction to photoluminescent technology for exit signage, explains “…many hundreds of observational tests have demonstrated that PL signs…can be accurately distinguished from one another, at their rated viewing distance and under representative emergency lighting conditions.”

The simplicity and elegance of the technology is demonstrated by the fact that the body of the specification for hybrid exit signs is only 6.5 pages.

Buy Standards Australia TS 5367:2021

SA TS 5367:2021 is available from Techstreet as a PDF download or hardcopy.

Safety Path Hybrid Exit Sign Compliance

Safety Path hybrid exit signs are fully compliant with the technical performance requirements of SA TS5367:2021.

Safety Path Exit Sign Specifications

Specifications for each Safety Path Exit Sign are available for download for each sign.

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